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How to reduce amusement accidents in the park

Views: 237     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-12-21      Origin: Site

With the increasing number of theme parks, there will be many amusement accidents every year, some injuries and some deaths. The reason is that the design itself is flawed, the park management is not strict, the operator's safety awareness is weak, and the implementation standards are not uniform. And other factors.

  How to ensure the safety of visitors to the theme park, to be an excellent special equipment operator, Lonton Amusement Rides summarized several points based on years of industry experience:


Staff duties at the entrance:

Before work: First check the identification cards, whether the height measuring ruler can be used normally; secondly, the sanitary environment check; finally, the auxiliary facilities such as broadcasting, fans, lights, etc. are turned on.

At work: Screen passengers' boarding conditions to ensure safe rides, such as those who are unable to ride in a strong cockpit, are not tall enough, are weak, suspected of having invisible diseases, and once again inform the passengers that they need to know; the passenger flow is large, and the queue time is long. Passengers should be sorted and stored temporarily; the equipment should be managed at the end of the equipment operation, and the running time of the equipment must not prevent the tourists from queuing. After the time is up, explain the work well. For special situations, you can properly release the experience and do a good job. Tourists.

After work: Clean the work area, clean the garbage in time, and turn off the electrical facilities in the area.


Security duties

Before work: First, handle the sanitation of the locker, then check the broadcast, whether the frequency display equipment and other electrical appliances can run normally and open, and finally work with the main operation to complete the test machine before the equipment is put into operation.

At work: Slowly release tourists, maintain order, assist tourists to choose seats, remind visitors to place easy-to-drop items; correctly guide visitors to use safety devices (belt, safety bar, safety shoulder, etc.), and finally inform passengers of the need to know); Check whether the safety devices are in place and check them one by one; "Special Equipment Safety Operation Regulations", safety inspections need to be certified, after the inspection is correct, the equipment can be operated, the passengers are concerned during the operation, in case of special circumstances, timely notification or auxiliary equipment Emergency stop; After the end of the tourist experience, observe the trajectory of the tourists, and if necessary, give help or help, avoid secondary injuries, and remind visitors to bring their belongings.

After work: Clean the area and use the motor for the area.


Operational responsibilities:

Before the work: Hand over the equipment with the equipment maintenance department. After the trial operation is correct twice, open to the outside world; check the regional broadcasting and monitoring facilities, and use it during the guarantee period; fill out the work handover form.

At work: There are many kinds of special equipments and different degrees of complexity. They must be operated strictly in accordance with the operation instructions of each equipment; pay attention to the situation of tourists at any time, and deal with emergencies in a timely manner.

After work: Close the equipment, complete the work with the equipment maintenance department equipment, close the area with electrical appliances, fill out the relevant forms, fill in the operational data, and analyze regularly.

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