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Golden UFO

Capacity: 20p
Motor Power: 13kw
Voltage: 380v
Total Height: 5.3m
Size: 8.5*8.5m
  • 9508300000

Product Description

Golden UFO

Golden UFO is a new type of flying turntable ride. This equipment is made of high-grade FRP material, which is solid, safe and beautiful, with luxurious gold, showing noble and elegant. It has a cool and unique shape, and designed with two upper and lower floors. The top half part is designed as a simulated high-efficiency energy conversion decoration, allowing it to have a steady flow of energy; the bottom is a larger and rounder cockpit. This unique design makes the whole device more realistic and interesting.

In addition, the top of the Interstellar Adventure is decorated with "three robotic arms" as the weapon of the entire spacecraft. It can launch super-powered laser shells, particle beams and microwaves at any time to carry out precise strikes on the invading enemy. Moreover, we have installed LED lights of different sizes and colors on the equipment, with lights and sound effects during operation, which are very attractive to tourists of different ages.

Outdoor amusement equipment Gold UFO ballerina are exquisitely crafted and pay attention to details. Whether it is a tough bulkhead filled with a variety of space elements or a brilliant light that changes with the rhythm of the music, it seems that every minute and every second is telling those distant and mysterious Space adventure.

  • Space themed amusement rides

  • Gold UFO shape equipped with colorful lights and space music

  • Up to 20 people can ride at the same time

  • It flies like a UFO in space

Technical Parameter



Motor Power




Total Height




Cover area


Temperature limited


Production Details

Golden UFO

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