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Which bumper car is most popular?

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Which bumper car is most popular?

Which bumper car is most popular? This problem is a concern for all playground operators, because it not only affects the future operating income of the playground, but also has a great impact on the management and maintenance of bumper cars in the future.


According to statistics on the sales of bumper cars in the past ten years of Lonton Rides, the sales of battery bumper cars and ground bumper cars accounted for 39% and 47% of the total sales, respectively. Both bumper cars are very popular. So, how should we choose?


Selection method 1: Select according to site conditions


If you want to keep your bumper car in a fixed park, you don't need to move or transport it often. Ground network bumper cars are your best choice. Because the ground network bumper car needs to drive on a special floor, the service life of the floor will be greatly affected if it is frequently disassembled.


If you wish to place your bumper car in a temporary location, we strongly recommend that you buy a battery bumper car. This kind of bumper car is extremely adaptable to the site, without other unnecessary restrictions, and can be transported at any time.


Bumper cars special floor

Selection method 2: choose according to the price of bumper cars


The price difference between battery bumper cars and ground network bumper cars is not large, but because the ground network bumper cars need to run on special floors, additional floor and control cabinet costs are required, so the freight costs will also be higher than battery bumper cars.


Bumper Cars Delivery

Selection method 3: choose according to the operation method


The main source of power for battery bumper cars is the battery, so it needs to be charged after every 8 hours of operation. Moreover, each time the battery bumper car is used, the operator needs to set up each car through the remote control, and the management cost is relatively high.


The ground network bumper cars only needs the operator to perform unified operation management on all cars through the operation panel, which is more convenient.

Bumper cars Electric Cabinet



After my brief introduction, have you already made a preliminary decision? You can compare these three ways with your own situation to choose the type of bumper car that is best for you. If you want more details, please contact us!

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