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W-wave Flying Car with Background

Capacity: 8p
Power: 4kw
Voltage: 380v
Cover area: 5*13m
  • Qiangli

  • 9508300000

Product Description

This equipment is one of the rotating sliding amusement rides. It is suitable for children taller than 1.2 meters and adults. Its movement characteristic is incorporating circular rotation into sliding along the track. The equipment has good-looking appearance, bright color and vivid FRP image. When passengers are in the car, the cockpit disk rotates steadily and the car body slides along the track smoothly. With twinkling, colorful lights and pleasant music, passengers can feel they are traveling in the space. This equipment is popular in amusement park, squares and some other indoors.

This amusement ride mainly consists of mechanical system and electrical system.

1. Mechanical System

The rotation of this equipment is driven by worm-gear reducer and three-phase asynchronous motor, which passed to slewing bearing through spur gear, making the cockpit rotates circular movement. The sliding of this equipment is driven by helical gear reducer and three-phase asynchronous motor, pass to rotating friction wheel. It is sliding by friction of tires.

2. Electrical System

a) Electrical system consists of electrical control cabinet, rotating electrical machine, conducting ring and decorating circuit of LED lights.

b) Working Principle of Electrical System

The power supply of three-phase four-line 380V/220V enters into the electric control box through the total power switch (configured by users). The detailed steps are as follows: firstly, turn on the automatic air switch on the control box panel; secondly, switch on the control power switch to control electric circuit, waiting for the next step; thirdly, press the BELL button, circuit will bell 5 seconds as preparation; fourthly, press the ROTATION button, circuit enter the timing-operation state which brings rotating machinery electric power to drive amusement ride rotate. 220V AC gets to lights decoration circuit through the conductive ring and produce different patterns of lights flashing effect. Otherwise, run periodic time can adjust by controlling the small button on time-relay of the control box.

Technical Parameter







Cover Area




Swing Diameter




Car Model



Wooden case with   plastic foam


OEM &   cutomized is acceptable

Product Details

Flying car W-wave details

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