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The sliding dragon amusement equipment brings us unusual feelings

Views: 26     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-10-08      Origin: Site

 The "Sliding Dragon" amusement machine is shaped like a dragon tail. The whole train is driven by two front and rear transmissions, traveling along two spiral tracks, sometimes spiraling upwards, and sometimes falling rapidly, which is both entertaining, interesting and exciting. Sex, both young and old. The ride brings a novel and happy feeling to the ride. The elegant dragon shape and the decoration with ethnic characteristics add to the interest of tourists, and it is a kind of amusement machine that is popular among the masses. The gliding dragon belongs to a kind of amusement equipment similar to the green worm block amusement equipment.


      The front of the taxi is the faucet, followed by a lot of cars, many passengers sitting on the car, they shouted screams from time to time! The taxiing dragon turned out to be a roller coaster with a shape like a dragon and a train-like section inside. When the taxiing dragon started running, it was slow like a snail, but after a sharp turn, it was as fast as a running cheetah rushing down, and the speed of the taxiing dragon began to slow down again. With a sigh of relief, after slowly climbing up a slope, the taxiing dragon galloped down like a bullet that fired at a speed.

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