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The best way to start an amusement park business

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Start your Amusement Park Project

Have you considered running a playground? Do you see business opportunities in the entertainment industry? Do you want to do it but don't know where to start? This article will tell you the process of a playground from 0 to 1.


Step 1: positioning

Faced with such a brand new amusement park project, first of all, we need to find the right position. There are several questions you may need to think about:

1. What kind of amusement park you are going to build?

  • Indoor or outdoor park?

  • Theme park? If yes, what theme? Ocean theme? Space theme? Forest theme?

2. Who are my competitors?

  • How many competitors in your area?

  • What kind of playground are they?


3. Who is my target customers?

  • Kids?

  • Family?

  • Adults?


4. My budget?

  1. How much will I spend to introduce equipment?

  2. How much will I spend on the construction of my site?

  3. How much should I spend on the daily operation of the playground?


After solving these problems, you already have a specific framework for this project. Let us see what we should do next?


Step 2: Planning

When your amusement park business direction is determined, you need to make a plan for the project site, such as land area, amusement facilities, public service areas, etc. This requires the assistance of a professional design and planning team. The design team of Lonton Rides can not only help you plan the site design plan, but also provide the most accurate site construction and construction plan.


Park Design

The picture below is a 3D rendering of the park designed by us for Turkish clients. From the picture, we can clearly see the overall plan of the park, which most intuitively reflects the effect of the park after it is completed.


park design

According to the target customer group, select the most suitable amusement rides and entertainment items to improve the park's ability to attract tourists and maximize profit creation.


Step 3: Select the rides

Lonton Amusement Rides has 17 years of experience in the production of amusement equipment, and has accumulated hundreds of amusement rides and shapes, suitable for almost all types of amusement park projects. You can easily choose your favorite equipment in our product catalog. Our customer service staff will also recommend the best amusement equipment for you based on your situation.


In addition, Lonton Rides also provides customized amusement equipment services. The picture below is a 72-seat carousel specially developed by us for Canadian customers.


Production process

Lonton is responsible for all the parts of this equipment from conception to design, mold opening, testing, production and installation. Make an idea from customer come true.


Step 4: Production

Lonton Rides will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your site, including geographic location, air humidity, annual precipitation, temperature and other climatic conditions. And the equipment is targeted for special processing, such as galvanizing. In this way, the durability of the equipment is enhanced, the iron parts are prevented from rusting, and the service life of the equipment is increased.



In addition, we can also carry out personalized painting treatment for the equipment, and all colors of the equipment can be customized by the customer.


Step 5: Transportation

After the equipment is produced, it is usually shipped from Qingdao Port and can reach 95% of the world's ports. The shipping company we cooperate with has offices in more than 20 countries around the world, and has realized a one-stop convenient service system from production-shipping-customs clearance. Maximize the optimization of service processes and improve transportation efficiency.


Step 6: Installation

Lonton has a professional foreign installation team, which is responsible for installing equipment on the site and training the playground team.

Each of our equipment has a supporting manual, installation video, and instruction manual. This will ensure that the amusement park’s engineering team is capable of regular overhaul, maintenance and maintenance of the equipment.


When all the infrastructure is built, your playground is fully equipped to attract tourists. Design marketing strategies and do a good job in marketing. I believe you have already expected your amusement park project. Contact us and start taking action.

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