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Space Tower

Power: 67.1kw
Voltage: 380V/50Hz
Height: 23m
  • Qiangli

  • 9508300000

Product Description

The Space Tower is an amusement device that can bring you the excitement of falling from a high altitude. The falling speed of 6m/s and the height of 20m give visitors the thrill of going straight into the sky. The sixteen-seat cockpit moves up and down along the column track. And the coherent jumping movement enables passengers to experience excitement and excitement in the process of overweight and weightlessness.

This Free Fall Machine is mainly composed of cockpit, skid, stand, base, pulley block, pneumatic system, electrical system, etc. We have designed an independent pneumatic system program for the equipment. The cylinder performs reciprocating motion, and drives the steel wire to drive the cabin up, down and jump through the pulley block.

In addition, it has bright colors, beautiful shapes, small footprint but towering, majestic momentum. Adding such a device can significantly enhance the overall appeal of the playground. As it rises and falls, passengers will hear exclamation sounds from time to time, attracting tourists to stand by and eager to try.

Precautions for equipment use:

1. Tourists should consciously evaluate their physical condition and accept the evaluation of the staff to decide whether they can ride.

2. Those who are under 1.4 meters in height are not allowed to ride, and those who are over 1.4 meters in height and under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

3. Items that are easy to fall cannot be carried on board and should be kept by the attendant.

4. Passengers should follow the instructions of the staff to enter and leave the seat, and follow the order.

5. After the passengers are seated, they will be assisted by the staff to press down the safety bar; after the start signal is sounded, the passengers are not allowed to leave the seat.

6. Passengers should hold the pressure bar with both hands during the ride, and cannot stand or play with each other forcibly.

7. Obey the instructions of the staff regarding safety

This equipment should be installed and debugged by professionals, operated by full-time personnel, and repaired and maintained regularly. Only in this way can the equipment be used for a long time. Of course, it is more important to avoid potential safety hazards caused by equipment damage. Both passengers and staff should strictly abide by equipment usage regulations. In this way, tourists can experience the joy of amusement equipment without any worries.

The Free fall machine can not only attract a large number of tourists, but also add luster to the amusement park. If you want to add some exciting amusement equipment, it is a very good choice.

Technical Parameters

Cover Areaφ9m
Total Height23m
Running Height18.9m
Power 67.1kw
LightLED lights more than 1000pcs
Packing plastic foam & wooden case packing
Sparepartsnecessary parts with delivery

Production Details

space tower details

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