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Site selection of amusement equipment

Views: 18     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-01-09      Origin: Site

It is very important that the location of the operating space of the amusement equipment is influenced by the operation effect of the later stage. In the early stage, the site selection is good, the products are novel and fun, and the passenger flow will also be proportional. On the contrary, if the site and product selection are not good, then the market influence will be greatly reduced.

First of all, we must make clear that our children's play facilities are oriented to the crowd. The population is mainly children, so it is necessary to choose where children are more and more. When you are looking at a site with a large number of potential customers, a large demand, and a close proximity to your customer base, you first occupy the land and people harmony. "Tian Shi" is an uncertain factor. As long as your equipment is attractive and the weather is not too bad, the impact of the weather on your site operations will not play a decisive role.

Secondly, try to choose a large shopping mall nearby. The traffic around large shopping malls is very large. People who come to the shopping mall basically have nothing to do with recreational spending. More importantly, most of them bring their own children. They choose to It is wise to build a children's play facility here. They can not only experience the pleasure of children's play facilities, but also play a role in rest, so this venue is also the place that many investors will consider first.

Finally, choosing a plaza and park outside is also a good choice. After people are busy with work and life, the square is a good place for them to relax and exercise their time. It not only increases the fun of the park, but also greatly enhances the playability of the park, so that more people can find a way to relax in the park.


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