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Safety measures for the Large Amusement Equipment Space Tower

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No one would not want to put some large amusement facilities in their parks to attract tourists, but the bigger the amusement equipment, the higher the safety risk. When choosing amusement equipment, the first thing to consider is safety. Purchasing equipment from factories with nationally certified production qualifications is the first step for us to avoid safety risks. Because, qualified factories, no matter in terms of production scale, production technology, product design, passenger safety protection measures, etc., have been strictly audited by the national special equipment inspection agency in accordance with the GB8408-2018 standard to minimize safety risks from the source.


The rotating tower designed by Qiangli Rides has FOUR safety protection items

First of all, each seat is equipped with automotive-grade safety tension, which can bear 3-5 times the weight of the maximum human body. In an emergency, passengers can be firmly locked in their seats.

Secondly, each seat adopts a mechanical press-down safety pressure bar. The structure of this pressure bar is more stable, and it is mechanically locked after the passenger sits down, so it is not easy to break down. At the same time, only the operator can open the pressure bar, which avoids the risk of accidental touch by passengers. If the pressure bar is not locked, a signal is sent to the operator, reminding the operator to recheck.


In addition, the equipment cockpit is connected by 4 steel wire ropes for traction and protection when sliding up and down. According to the GB8903 standard, the steel wire rope adopts the grade of steel wire rope for elevators, which has high strength, toughness and wear resistance.


Finally, there are four airbags under the equipment cockpit. If the device stops unexpectedly, it will act as a buffer like a spring. Protect passengers from impact.


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