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Pirate Ship - FAQ

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The pirate ship is one of the most classic amusement equipment. It is mainly divided into 24-seat model and 40-seat model.

pirate ship

This article will answer the common questions about the pirate ship ride for us.


Technical parameter

Capacity Power Voltage Height Cover area Container required

Pirate Ship

24 seats 11kw 380v 50Hz 9m 12*8m 40HQ
40 seats 15kw 380v 50Hz 10m 20*12m 40HQ*2

Main Material of the Pirate ship

The hull of the pirate ship is mainly a cast iron structure with fiberglass decoration.

The supporting part is all made of Q235B steel, the maximum thickness is 15mm. All steel structures are made by arc welding, they will be delivered to client before strict penetration testing. 

The working principle of the Pirate ship

The transmission system is the main source of power for the pirate ship. Through the friction generated by the tires of the propeller, the hull is controlled to swing and stop.

Pirate ship main components

The pirate ship is mainly composed of five parts. They are the Hull, Saddle, Columns, Transmission system and Lazy arms.

What are the safety assurance?

Lonton has adopted a double protection method for the pirate ship and passengers to ensure the safe operation of the entire equipment.

For the hull, the double lazy arms is adopted to form a triangle with the hull, and the structure is stable. At the same time, extra thick steel wire ropes are installed on both sides to ensure safety.

For passengers, in addition to the safety bar to protect passengers, each row of seats is additionally equipped with seat belts. The Ride operator needs to ensure that all safety measures are in place before starting the device

What is the principle of the drive system?

The motor on the propeller drives the tires rotating by the belts. The friction between the tires and the hull bottom and the gravity of the hull drive the equipment to sway from side to side.

What are the wearing parts that need to be replaced regularly?

The main wearing parts of a pirate ship are tires, belts and lights. According to the wear and use conditions, replace them regularly.

Lonton will give away two additional sets of wearing parts for replacement.

About the light effects of the pirate ship

The Lonton pirate ship uses RGB lights, which can be programmed to display seven colors and various lighting effects.

How to install the pirate ship?

The pirate ship is a large amusement equipment that needs to lay a foundation. The foundation of the pirate ship is four one-meter deep pits, which are put into pre-buried and poured with cement, welded to the bottom of the four columns, and fixed with expansion screws for the double assurance.

Lonton will prepare detailed foundation drawings before shipment, so that you can prepare related infrastructure in advance to improve installation efficiency.

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