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Mini Pendulum

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Small Pendulum also called mini pendulum, mini small pendulum, children pendulum, crazy gourd. It is newly designed by our engineer, belong to swing amusement rides. It is similar to giant pendulum, but when running, it is similar to pirate ship. So it has the pirate ship swing beauty, also strong as the pendulum, at the same time, keep the mini pendulum price.

The center of the mini pendulum is a crazy gourd model, the appearance is vivid, just like there is a story in the gourd cockpits,”gourd brothers, gourd doll”.

Legend gourd mountains closed scorpions and snakes fine fine, a pangolin accidentally penetrated the cave, two goblins escaped, from people in distress. So go tell an old man hurried pangolin only grow seven-gourd to defeat these two monster. So the old man on the species out of the seven big orange yellow green blue purple hyacinth, was visible from the mirror in fairy. They can not destroy the old man and put seven gourd pangolin arrested. Seven gourd mature, have landed into seven boys, wearing seven colors of clothing, in order to eliminate them goblins, at the expense of the old man and pangolins, one by one, to fight with the monster. Hongwa is Hercules, but foolhardy, captured into a quagmire. 

Orange is the eyes and ears baby, first was blinded eyes and deaf ears to get the birds to cure his hooded eyes and ears after the spider. Yellow baby copper head Tiebi, due to being outnumbered snake with rigid Sword uniforms. Green baby will fire workers, are fairy watery liquor drunk. Green baby have water-based, is that drinking endless fairy Jiuwan drunk. Blue baby has Invisibility, steal fairy wishful rescued before five brothers. But this time the baby was purple fairy mischief, the results of purple baby to his former six brothers sucked into their own fairy Gourd is alive. The seven brothers sent goblin alchemy furnace, want to Make seven Pill. This is their seven unite their individual magic, alchemy out of the furnace, and finally defeat the monster, put them incorporated into the Magic Gourd

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