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Magic moon coaster - the most popular China amusement rides

Views: 8     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-08-25      Origin: Site

The magic moon coaster has been popular for two years, together with the modern times, they attend the Beijing Amusement Expo, and highly speak by the China Industry News Association and the China Association of Amusement Parks as "2013's most popular China amusement rides. " In 2012, magic moon coaster is finished to design with the efforts of the engineers in our factory, till 2013, just one year period, you could see it no matter in the playgrounds, amusement parks, even shopping mall... all there is the magic moon coaster tracks. Obtain a consistent majority of customers, after two years, lunar light coaster various functions more perfect appearance, but also increased the interest, to attract more children to play. 

Magic moon coaster is my company in 2012 to develop patented products, is controlled pneumatic rotary type rides, visitors also can be like riding a bicycle pedal foot self-rotating, lifting, is a fitness, entertainment and one of the rides, two years by the majority of customers. This product is an external configuration of the colorful neon lights and equipped with sound emitted sweet harmony singing, with tourists foot lift, the whole playground surface is very lively spectacular, what are you waiting for? Boarding with the family and the children to celebrate!

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