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Jumping Car

Capacity: 24
Power: 9kw
Voltage: 380V
Height: 4.65m
  • Qiangli

Product Description

Jumping car ride is childlike amusement park introduced a classic play equipment, also known as flying car and car children games. it is most popular playing equipment in the amusement park. Advanced technology to passengers bouncing unprecedented riding experience, take the process to give the passengers a total 

surpris, by the crowd favorite. Rotation speed and bounce  device without doing basic, easy to install and transport. 

Jumping Car Ride is a kind of children amusement equipment which is controlled by different fixed programs including waving, alternate rising and falling, etc.There are 6 arms, and 4 seats on each arm. Passengers will rotate ups and downs with the arms when the rotation machine moves. It is a jumping machine at the same time swinging around, which brings happy experience to the kids riders. 

Technical Parameter

SizeDiameter 8m
Jumping Height2m
LightLED more than 300pcs
Packingplastic foam with wooden

Production Details

jumping car details

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