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International Amusement Equipment Exhibition Success

Views: 10     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-03-15      Origin: Site

On March 17, 2016 , China International Amusement Equipment Exhibition in Beijing officially opened, the exhibition room area is 10,000 square meters , 20,000 square meters outdoors is on display in the amusement park pirate ship and other large projects covering amusement equipment , bumper cars and other small amusement equipment , game machines and other electronic amusement equipment , a total of about 180 amusement park equipment manufacturers to participate in the exhibition .

China International Amusement Equipment Exhibition is to better promote the development of domestic amusement rides industry , to better meet the needs of the domestic amusement rides market, better understanding consumer needs , you can also learn the latest model of the international amusement rides market, in short, is to stimulate the domestic amusement rides market needs.

This year's International Amusement Equipment Exhibition time , held from March 17 to March 19 , the exhibition attracted amusement park equipment manufacturers and buyers from all over the country and even the world, has become the world's amusement rides industry event , led to the amusement rides development of cultural and creative.

This year's International Amusement Equipment Exhibition provide a good communicating platform to amusement equipment manufacturers worldwide and amusement park operators, also gave them an opportunity to learn from each other . This year's exhibition shows the world's most advanced amusement rides, demonstrating innovations every enterprise , showing the fruits of each amusement rides manufacturing.

It is understood that this year 's exhibition bring the domestic amusement rides industry a big revenue , from multiple purchasing groups in Russia , the United Kingdom , the United States has ordered a list value of 30 million , the current turnover is amusement equipment exhibition will be the highest ever .

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