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How to strengthen the safety management of large amusement equipment?

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-08-08      Origin: Site

With the Spring Festival, 1 May two holiday are coming, the amusement park equipment usage is increasing, during the holidays in order to ensure the maintenance and management work to ensure the safety of amusement park equipment, also guarantee the safety of visitors.

To increase the daily maintenance of amusement equipment management and safety testing efforts, good arrangements on duty during the holiday season , appoint a special officer , the use of integrated information management system platform for each amusement equipment for real-time monitoring , to grasp the amusement park equipment operation, maintenance system for amusement equipment according to the different daily usage.

Pay attention to amusement park equipment operational risk and safety hazard investigation work, clearly someone to manage large amusement equipment, improve safety awareness for each staff before major holidays once a full range of safety checks on all the theme park equipment, amusement equipment for power lines and other hazards exist for investigation to ensure the safe operation of theme park equipment.

Strengthen co-ordination and amusement park equipment manufacturing enterprises , carried out before the holiday entertainment for all theme park equipment maintenance and repair, for more routine failure to focus on large-scale theme park equipment maintenance , fault can be found in an early stage of maintenance to ensure that theme park equipment for normal operation.

Theme park should strengthen the preventive measures to improve awareness of security risks of large theme park equipment operator , theme park equipment when unexpected emergency situations , be able to work in all aspects of emergency methodical , ensuring the loss of visitors dropped to the lowest point .

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