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How to make the customer experience better

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How to make the customer experience better

At present, the price of large children's playgrounds on the market is hundreds of dollars. Small amusement parks are also tens of dollars at a time. It is nearly a hundred times to play a few times. This is not a small expenditure and burden for ordinary families, especially Under the high cost of raising children, coupled with the limited space of the venue, the freshness of the play items after repeated consumption decreased. How should this be solved?

Lonton rides recommends that the venues in the park be properly opened to increase the immersive amusement experience of multiple scenes. For larger playgrounds, children's activity spaces and contents can be designed according to different age groups, and full use of high technology. And leading equipment facilities. Multi-scenario immersive play experiences such as Star Wars, Ancient Tribal Adventures, Surfing, etc., enhance consumer stickiness and maximize children's stay time and repurchase times in shopping centers. If it is a small playground, then the equipment rotation, for more interesting equipment, can be updated to attract more parents and children.

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