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How to ensure large amusement rides quality?

Views: 9618     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-07-18      Origin: Site

To build an amusement park, from choose location, purchase land, park basic construction, park design, searching supplier, visit factory,  discuss and confirm the supplier, purchaing rides, shipping & customs, installation, to opreating the park, it is a long way to go, not only spend much time, much money, also need various kinds person work together to do. All invest need creat profit, need income. So the only nightmare and unexpected thing is: accident. One ride accident can cause huge influence to the park, may be have to seal & close the park if the accident is serious.

As we all know, the biggest amusement park in Karachi, Pakistan, after their long time hard work, finally open to public in June, 2018, this should be happy moment for park investors, because their invest is returning back gradually. But unexpected thing, the swing carousel rides they purchased had accident, one 8 years girl die, min 11 other people get injurd. All of us get shocked. 

When choose rides, how to ensure the rides quality & safety? Rides are playing with human life! Here is some points from Henan Lonton Amusement Rides Co.,Ltd:

  1. Product Value decide its price, so cheap price means cheap quality, especially large amusement rides, never choose cheap price supplier;

  2. Welding, joints welding is top important, especially the part where hold weight. So must check these very carefully.

  3. Material thickness, this is also important, average thickness is enough.

  4. the equipment working principle must be reasonable, so it can running smoothly.

  5. installation, if there is condition, better supplier engineer install rides in site, and train customer side workers operating and daily maintainance.

  6. maintenance, only well experienced engineer maintain the park rides, then rides can work properly. Because they can solve the small problem at begining. But none experience engineer, even small problem not solve, may occur big accident.

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