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Frog Hopper

Capacity: 6p
Power: 7.5kw
Voltage: 380v
Height: 7.5m
  • Qiangli

Product Description

"Frog Hopper" amusement machine is a vertical lifting amusement equipment, equipped with 6 seats, the seat will jump in the air will land. The seat of this device has the shape of a frog, and visitors are in it as if sitting on the back of a big frog jumping and bouncing, which is very popular among tourists.

The main element in the design of the frog jumping amusement equipment is the frog. The frog pattern on the column track is in various poses, giving people a sense of joy and vitality. The bright colors and the 10.5m towering shape make tourists' eyes uncontrollably attracted.

The frog jump is structurally composed of a gantry column lifting device, a seat part and a hydraulic control system.

1. The gantry column is the pillar of the lifting device, which is used to fix the lifting device.

2. The lifting device is composed of a set of fixed pulleys and a set of speed increasing pulleys, which are used to accelerate the lifting speed of the seats.

3. The seat is composed of FRP and steel frame structure for passengers.

4. The hydraulic control system controls the seat lifting speed and heights.

Whether in a park or a playground, the Frog Hopper will become a highlight there. Seeing these vibrant frog patterns, the mood of tourists will probably be infected by this joyful atmosphere!

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Technical Parameter









Lifting Height


Cover Area



12 months


Wooden case with plastic foam


OEM & cutomized is acceptable

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