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For the amusement rides, which area’s quality is good?

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In China, there are three amusement rides area, Guangzhou, Beijing, Henan Province, these three area. In Guangzhou & Beijing, the manufacturer mainly produce major amusement rides, such as roller coaster, ferris wheel. In Henan Province, the manufacturers mainly produce medium & small amusement rides, such as carousel, kangaroo jump, happy spray ball, samba balloon, mini pirate ship, mini car, magic moon coaster and so on. So when purchase the products, it is very important to choose the right area. The quality & safety of the amusement rides are very important, it is better if the customer could visit the factory before you buy it.


If you need, here, we recommend you a manufacturer, “Lonton Amusement Rides Manufacturer” is combined amusement rides develop, design together with producing as a professional amusement rides factory. And develop & innovate new amusement rides, such as luxury carousel, mini pendulum, miami, samba balloon, mini car, mini pirate ship, self control plane etc. The products indicators have reached the national amusement rides quality standard.

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