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Flying Tower

Capacity: 36p
Power: 67kw
Voltage: 380V/50Hz
Space area: φ30m
Height: 43m
  • Qiangli Rides

  • 9508300000

Product Description

Experience the sensation of flight on the Flying Tower! As the leading amusement ride manufacturer, we have engineered this iconic giant swing ride for thrills at new heights.

Seating up to 36 riders, the Flying Tower elevates you over 141 feet into the air for panoramic views of the park before gravity takes over. The ride starts with an accelerated ascent, gently lifting you off the ground as the landscape spreads out below you. Once you reach maximum height, you'll have a moment to take in the scenery before the real excitement begins.

The Flying Tower unleashes a feeling of freefall as you swing from the top of the arc down towards the ground at speeds over 60 mph! Crisp air rushes past as you swing back up towards the sky again and again in a giant pendulum motion. With each swing, riders will feel their stomachs drop as they plunge downwards for an incredible sensation of weightlessness.

Engineered for smooth operation and rider comfort, the Flying Tower provides an unforgettable ride experience that will have your guests catching their breath. Its imposing tower frame and brightly colored lighting effect make it an eye-catching anchor attraction for your park.

Give your visitors the thrill of flight! Add the iconic Flying Tower to your amusement park lineup. As the leading ride manufacturer, we promise exhilarating fun, safety, and reliability. Contact us today to learn more or request a quote. The sky's the limit with the Flying Tower!

Technical Parameters

Swing diameterφ17.6m
Space areaφ30mm
Running height28.8m
Total height43.1m
Container required40HQ*5+1
Rotating speed10rpm
Packingplastic foam + wooden case
Spare partsnecessary parts for rides will deliver together

Production Details

flying tower details

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