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Crazy Dance

Capacity: 24
Power: 14kw
Voltage: 380V/50Hz
Height: 4m
  • Qiangli

Product Description

The Crazy Dance Ride is very similar with our crazy jump rides. Both of them have same workting theory. They all composed of a large, downward pitched turntable, three or four rotating arms (according to the models or specifications). Generally, on the end of each arm, there are four gondolas. Each cabin gondola can contain two passengers, so there are two models of breakdance rides according the specifications: 24 seats break dance rides.

The operator turn on the breakdance rides, the big arms or shaft (three or four) of this rides will begin to spin slowly. Synchronously, the cockpit (9 cockpits or 12 cockpits) begin to go up to a certain height and then turn up and down suddenly. At the same time, the cockpits also can also rotate. What’s more, as the spinning rides will speed up to a quite fast degree, and the spinning direction of the cockpit and the rotating arms is on the contrary, which can make the rides more thrilling. The break dance, manufactured with high quality FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) and steel, make our rides can last long and lower in maintenance costs. Qiangli crazy dance amusement rides will your ideal selection of investing in amusement equipment industry.

· Firstly, the rides can attract many visitors’ attention and then make the surrounding crowd gathered become interested in this rides.

· Then visitors would like to have a try to ride on this crazy dance rides. After having a try, they will be fond of this game at once and never forget it. This will be your long-lasting customers.

· Finally, it will come naturally that you will make money and your investment will create greater profit margins.

Technical Parameters

Cover Areaφ14m
LightsLED more than 500pcs
Packing Plastic foam + wooden case
SparepartsNecessary parts will deliver with ride together
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