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Classic Carousel Rides

Power: 3.5kw
Voltage: 380V/50Hz
Size: φ6.5m
Height: 5.5m
Cover area: φ7.5m
  • Qiangli

Product Description

As the most classic amusement rotating equipment, the luxury carousel is novel in appearance, beautiful and economical. It is loved by tourists and is the best choice for indoor parks, outdoor parks and other amusement playgrounds.

The operation of the carousel rides mainly relies on the motor power. The truss is driven to rotate the entire turntable through the reducer, gears and slewing support. At the same time, the crankshaft is driven by the bevel gear to make the boom reciprocate up and down. Visitors sit on the horse swinging and rotating, which making tourists feel as if they are actually riding a horse. This is an amusement machine suitable for all ages and is especially popular with children.

Scope of application:

1. This product is suitable for indoor parks, outdoor parks, and other playgrounds.

2. This product is suitable for areas below 2000m altitude.

3. The operating temperature is between -15°C and 38°C, and the relative humidity of the environment is less than 90%.

4. Power supply: 3N-380V/220V 50Hz, power capacity ≥3.5KW.

5. The fluctuation range of the power supply voltage cannot exceed ±10% of the rated value.

Passenger requirements:

1. Children under the age of eight who are under 1.2M in height cannot ride alone.

2. People with heart disease, high blood pressure, epilepsy and alcoholics cannot ride.

3. Passengers are strictly prohibited from eating, smoking or making dangerous actions during entertainment.

In addition, the amusement equipment should be operated by dedicated personnel. After all, the safety of tourists can be further protected by avoiding equipment failure.

Whether in a scenic spot or an amusement park, this luxurious carousel is not only a device that brings joy to tourists, but also a beautiful landscape.

Technical Parameters

Cover Areaφ8m
Diameter φ6.5m
Power 3.5kw
Packing plastic foam & wooden case packing
Spare partsnecessary parts with delivery

Production Details

16 carousel details (1)

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