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Antique Trackless Train

Capacity: 24p
Power: 3kw
Battery: 12v150ah*5
  • FT-05

  • Qiangli

  • 9508290000

Product description

Electric train rides also called Kids train ride – Amusement park rides, the train is an imitation of the regular train.

  • General it use cartoon or vintage theme as its locomotive in the front and is followed by a number of train carriages.

  • In the carriage, there is a seat for children to play. The Orbit is composed with galvanized steel, and the models of trains for kids and toddlers can be changed according to the requirements.

  • According to the power way method, kids track train can be divided orbital alternating current type and storage battery dc type. As for which type you should choice, it is mainly according to the operation convenience of the operating area.

  • The general movement way of the kids railroad train rides is that: under the power of traction, several carriage compartments drive along the track.

Technology Parameter







Charger time

8-10 hours


80-100km, full charge

Production Details

FT5 AntiqueTrain details

More Choices

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