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Amusement park design and planning

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Amusement park is a comprehensive entertainment venue with a wide variety of amusement items. At present, the main business forms are divided into indoor playgrounds and outdoor playgrounds. At the beginning of the project, a unique and reasonable site plan will have an important impact on the future operation of the playground.

Before the start of the project, we have to design and plan the site in detail based on the target customer, geographic location, project budget and other elements.

Lonton Rides has 18 years of production and project experience in the amusement industry, and has a dedicated team of designers to provide customers with professional site planning and design.

So, how to plan and design a site with Lonton?

First of all, we need to know that there are three types of design planning drawings, which are CAD sketches, 2d plan drawings and 3d renderings.

After we have a preliminary understanding of your project (eg. equipment type, project budget, site size, site cad layout), our designers will combine your ideas and our experience into one preliminary planning drawing within 1-2 days, this is the CAD sketch. In the next communication, we will continue to improve the design according to your needs until it reaches the perfect effect.

When the initial cooperation intention is reached, in order to show you the final effect of the project more realistically, we will charge a certain amount of deposit (from 500-1000usd) to render the venue and make 3D renderings. The deposit collected will be returned after the cooperation is officially reached.

Therefore, all our designs will be provided to clients for Free.

Planning and designing the site is not only to see the final effect of the project, but more importantly, to make detailed planning and layout of the site in advance. In the current stage of rapid growth of the children's amusement market, an amusement park with reasonable planning and distinctive characteristics can stand out from the increasingly fierce competition in order to attract more customers and maximize the return on investment of the project.


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