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A letter to all clients and suppliers in 2020

Views: 11     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-03-01      Origin: Site

Dear customers, suppliers,

Due to the impact of the new coronavirus, Lonton Amusement Rides Factory and Company has stopped working since January 23, 2020 in accordance with government requirements. During this period, actively cooperate with the government's requirements and take protective measures such as disinfection and isolation to ensure the personal safety and environmental safety of our employees, workers, factories, and companies.

Thanks to the efforts of medical workers and scholars in the country and even in other countries in the world, nowadays, the epidemic situation has clearly improved in China. At present, there are no new cases of pneumonia in our city. After filing with government departments and undergoing rigorous review, our company is qualified to resume production.

Therefore, from March 2nd, the factory will resume an average of 70% of production capacity. And, we expecte to gradually recover 100% of production capacity by the end of April. Ensure the basic supply needs of amusement equipment. Here, I would like to thank all customers for their long-term support and trust in our company. Lonton Amusement Rides will formulate a detailed production plan to ensure that each order can be completed in time and in accordance with requirements, and high-quality equipment is delivered to customers.

All in all, the development of Lonton amusement equipment is inseparable from the trust and help of customers and suppliers. In the new year, we also hope to use higher quality equipment and more timely delivery to give back to everyone. I wish everyone all the best in 2020 and make a lot of money.

Best regards,

Henan Lonton Amusement Rides Co., Ltd

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