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UFO bumper car--Family Model

Size: 1.4x1.4x1.1m
Weight: 112kg
Load weight: 150kg
Motor: DC 24V, 150Wx2
Battery: 12V 55Ahx2
  • 9508900000

Product Description


  •  a. please use our company special air pump to inflate the tube, do not use other air pump or blower, in case of the damage of tire life due to the oversize pressure or insufficient pressure. 

  • b. Please use safety gas mouth correctly, in case of the air leakage.

  • c. Please pay attention to the product pressure. If there is insufficient pressure, please inflate it promptly.

  • d. If there is damage to the leak needs repair, please check the gas nozzle is damaged or loose; such as also leak, please bubble smear fetal Ministry, check for bubbling when the minor leak is found ,please leak part of the rub dry, fast cut repair tape and paste to quickly repair. Found when a more serious leak, the tire must be deflated, the use of the maintenance angle is expected, put glue on the tires and the angle is expected, the fit and scraped smooth, uniform pressure on the heavy weights, until 8hours later inflatable gas testing to confirm no leakage after use.

  • e.Please ensure that there is no sharp objectives in the operation area to avoid damage product or hurt players.

Technical Parameter





Load weight



DC 24V, 150Wx2


12V 55Ahx2




8 hours

Continuous working time

5-8 hours

Production Details

inflatable bumper car rides

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