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Amusement Disko UFO Ride

Capacity: 20p
Power: 42.5kw
Voltage: 380v
Height: 8m
  • Lonton
  • 9508900000

Product Description

Flying UFO ride also called disk UFO ride, or Magic Bowl is one popular amusement rides all among the around, belongs to the scooter type amusement machine. The product has a beautiful appearance and a new structure, which integrates thrills and excitement. When passengers are seated, as the height of the ride on the track increases and the cockpit rotates, they feel both weightlessness and centrifugal stimulation. The equipment is designed, manufactured and installed in strict accordance with the prEN13814 standard.

This amusement equipment is a sliding type amusement equipment. The main power source is 380V three-phase alternating current, which is converted into 440V direct current by a DC converter for DC motor. The motor drives the small pulley, and the large pulley rotates through the belt drive. The sprocket is driven by the transmission shaft, and the tire assembly is driven by the chain transmission. The tire assembly rolls on the friction belt, thereby driving the equipment to slide on the track. 

Amusement Park Equipment Flying UFO consisits of a 27m length track (could be customized) & diameter 6m disk, the disk slide from track bottom to top point, rotate itself from slow to fast, at same time, the LED lights on the track & under the disk would be shining with beautiful music.

The disk max rotating speed is 8m/s, much exciting, it is a popular thrill ride among young people. If some passengers feel dizzy, there is inverter inside the cabinet, could adjust teh speed slower.

Lonton ever exported this equipment to Lebanon, Argentina, India, Saudi Arabia, Paraguay etc. with skilled technology and good feedback.

Technical Parameter



Motor Power



380v, 50HZ



Cover Area




Disk Diameter




Track Length

27m, customized


12 months


Wooden case with   plastic foam


OEM &   cutomized is acceptable

Production Details

Flying UFO details

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disk UFO rides

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