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Water ball

Accessories: Repari kit, glue, nice packing, free logo

Air pump:380W, 220V or 110V

Material:0.8mm PVC, 1mm PVC,/ 0.8mm TPU, 1mm TPU

Size:1.8m dia., 2m dia., / 2.5m dia., can be customized

Load weight: 150kg


Product Description

Water Ball is one of the best options for entertainment on the water. 

  • Players can also play in the ball on the lawns or on the beaches to enjoy excitement. We offer the waterproof zippers which are made in Germany (TIZIP-waterproof zippers, airtight and gastight zippers) and water balls of different sizes are depend on customers' preference. Water walking ball sealed in high temperature. 

  • Zorb Ball is used as a sport game of rolling down a hill or grassplot inside a giant inflatable ball.

    Its great for using down local hills, parks, play areas, football pitches and Zorbing Ramp, you can also use Zorb Balls on water (Hydro Zorb).

  • Zorb Ball also named Inflatable grassplot ball, Inflatable roller ball, land ball, Inflatable human hamster ball, giant inflatable human hamster ball etc. Zorb Ball is very popular between children and adults for sporting and recreation. 

  • We can make Transparent zorbs, Colorful zorbs, Color dot zorbs, Color Entrance zorbs, Color string zorbs, Aqua zorbs, Zipper zorbs, Glow zorbs, Nuclear zorbs, Logo zorbs and other Customized zorbs...

  • Customizable: Color, string rings, entrance, strings, harness, zipper, logo printing, matress...OEM is welcome! 



Air pump





Repari kit, glue, 

nice packing, free logo

380W, 220V 

or 110V

0.8mm PVC, 1mm PVC, 

0.8mm TPU, 1mm TPU

1.8m dia., 2m dia., 

2.5m dia., can be customized 






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