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Top Spin Rides

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Lonton amusement park equipment top spin mainly use high quality steel & high strength FRP as material, equipped with mechanical system as drive, it comes from a beautiful story---Arabian nights. Become fantasy to reality. Passengers sit on cabins, swing front and back, rotating 3600 non-conscious, overweight & weightlessness feeling come alternately. Passengers can’t control to laugh & yell, want to come  to park to try again & again.

Lonton amusement park equipment top spin design & produced strictly based on GB/T18164-2008 and GB8408-2008, new design, thrill, exciting, beautiful, easy to operate, warmly welcomed.

Amusement Park top spin Basic structure: floor beam, pull rod 1, crossbeam, pull rod 2, upright, cradle, major shaft, rocker arm, compression bar, up reduce speed part, middle shaft coupling, down right angle reduce speed part, connecting beam, first class reduce speed part, motor support, base & control part etc.

Lonton Park equipment rides top spin belong to ferris wheel class amusement equipment, main power is 380v 3 phase AC, change to 440v DC for DC motor usage by eurotherm controller.

DC motor drive first class reduction part to down right angle reduction part by transmission shaft, then down right angle reduction part send power to up reduction part, then up reduction part send power to swing arm, then the cabin can do rotation movement, cabins itself also can make 3600 rotation.


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