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The solution for new amusement rides once encountered failures

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The new amusement rides is very popular, but at the same time, to this kind new amusement park equipment, in the course of running, you may also encounter some failure problems, then how to solve it?


One, there is dust on the surface of the brush and conductive ring, poor contact, you can use screwdriver to press it down when start.


Two, voltage is insufficient, you can observe the voltmeter when start, at boot time if the voltage drops below 180V, the motor will not start, squares can be bold power under the line of fire, it is recommended to use four square meter and more copper or six square feet and more aluminum.


Besides, two people drive the market to rotate; when there is too much resistance and does not push it to move,


One, new amusement park rides has insufficient tire pressure, tire can be inflated (3.5 atm)
Two, horses squeeze too tight around the shaft bearings, use wrench to adjust, the elastic medium is OK.

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