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Small Pendulum--12 seats

Capacity: 12p
Power: 21kw
Voltage: 380V/50Hz
Space area: 7m*7m
  • Lonton
  • 9508900000

Product Description

Small pendulum rides as a popular amusement equipment in this indurstry really popular. There are novelty shape, gorgeous appearance, smooth running and big swing, exciting and fun operation with thrilling moderate, majority of tourists love play them.

This small pendulum rides main support is arm, hanging device and electrical system components, the pendulum main parts of truss structure using the pendulum, shelf of pendulum is FRP ( Fiber reinforce and plastic ), pendulum with seats and double securing means-safety belt and safe-lever to keep people safe.

Mini Pendulum is suitable for theme park, amusement park, funfair,outdoor playground, etc. Until now it has been exported to Africa, Middle Asia,South Africa etc.

Technical Parameter

Cabin12 seats
Space area7*7m
Swing Angle90 degree

Production Details

Small Pendulum Details

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