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Small Carousel is delivered to Qatar

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The Small Carousels custom-made by Lonton Amusement Rides are exported to Qatar.

At present, the epidemic gradually improved, customers and we agree that this is a very good business opportunity. In order to seize the psychology of people who are eager to go out for entertainment, Qatar client contacted us after seeing our products and hoped that we could help them with their The indoor playground orders two small carousels.

Small Carousel (2)Small Carousel (4)

Amy, the Customer service Manager, immediately communicated with the engineer and made a solution to the customer on the day. After confirming several details, our workers use only 5 days to produce the carousels to make sure the client could get the equipment in time.

Lonton Amusement Rides Factory can undertake all kinds of amusement equipment, and support custom production, do our best to meet the requirements of customers.

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