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  • 2020-10-12

    The Flying chair is a set of amusement equipment that could rotates and lifts. It rotates continuously as the equipment rises. When the equipment rises to a certain height, the Roof rotates and tilts, the seat is inserted into the tilt of the roof. Sometimes rises and sometimes descends, like a swal

  • 2020-09-04

    Self-controlled plane is a classic device that can be freely controlled by passengers. When a passenger sits in the cabin and presses the fire button, the device will emit a realistic shooting sound, as if the passenger is controlling a fighter jet. In addition, the self-controlled plane has a novel and beautiful shape, gorgeous and charming decoration of colored lights, which can attract many tourists amusement no matter it is day or night.

  • 2020-03-25

    Which bumper car is better? This problem is a concern for all playground operators, because it not only affects the future operating income of the playground, but also has a great impact on the management and maintenance of bumper cars in the future. According to statistics on the sales of bumper ca

  • 2018-12-12

    Henan Lonton Amusement Rides Co.,Ltd is a professional amusment rides manufacturer in China, our products are sold to all over the world and widely praised by clients because of easy operation, good appearance, fast services, safe protection, attractive lights, high returns, etc.According to our exp

  • 2018-10-15

    Paratrooper rides is one kind tilt rotary type family rides.When equipment running, up rotating plate tilt then rotating, it lift up and down automatically, working fast. Cabin design is snail, colorful cabin match with central column, so whole equipment looks lovely.Lonton amusement rides manufactu

  • 2018-08-21

    Big pendulum is a large scale common stimulation amusement equipment. Usually using in major different amusement parks, and this equipment is very popular which has a certain recognition international.This equipment composed of the swinging and rotating motion type. It is made from support frame, bo

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