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New Amusement Rides--Mini flying Car

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Mini flying car or rally car amusement rides has been improved for several times, and finally appear on the market. The track width is 1.5m, the length could be customized as the customer area. It also could be designed to be fluctuations, increase the excitement. The FRP car also has been greatly improved, three rows seats, which can ease the pressure when there are lots of passengers. And the appearance is more beautiful, vivid and bright.


Mini flying car (mini car, rally car) are amusement rides which are suitable for more than one years old children and adults. The character of the mini car is combined circumference rotation with sliding movement along the track. And the appearance is beautiful, color is bright, FRP car is vivid and bright. When passengers ride on it, the disc cockpits rotating smoothly, the car slide smoothly along the track, accompany the vivid and beautiful music and flashing lights, allowing the passengers enjoy unlimited joy. This amusement rides is suitable for amusement park, plazas, playgrounds,cultural centers and other public places.

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