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Lonton Rides Advanced Technology--Sand Blast

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Amusement Rides color is one important factor which attract passengers, bright & attractive color could catch passengers eye at their first attention, so they would like to have a try. Normally, park rides color would fade down with time going under rain and wind function. How to make the color more bright & smooth & last a long time? 

Lonton Rides Manufacturer, which located in Zhengzhou city, middle China, is the unique factory who use sand blast for park equipment rides steel part. May be you would ask, what is the advantage for sand blast?

  1. Before make painting, there must be one step, remove steel part rust. As we know, it is inevitable that steel part get rust in air, even indoor. Most factory use manual to remove, so sure can't remove even. However, remove by machine---Sand Blast, even all steel.

  2. After remove rust, then come to painting step. If remove rust by man hand, when make painting, painting very easy to flow along the steel, so painting is not smooth; However, if remove rust by sand blast, very easy to catch painting, so after painting, steel surface is very smooth.

  3. Painting after human hand remove rust, color easy to fade down, normally use 1-2 years; However painting after sand blast, steel catch painting tightly, so the color is more durable, can use 3-5 years, no fade color.

  4. Painting after Human hand remove rust, once color fade, steel has no color protection, easy to get rust again especially in rainy place, thus steel life would reduce, so equipment life would reudce also; however, after sand blast, color catch well, it also protect the steel, equipment can use longer time also.


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