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Kamikaze park equipment, is newly design and developed by Lonton amusement equipment rides manufacturer. It is belong to major amusement rides, equipped with full LED lights on arms, much attractive and beautiful. Kamikaze, as one new amusement park equipment, it is Lonton patent rides, only Lonton has this rides, only Lonton can produce.

  1. Kamikaze equipment rides, has two arms, each arm hang one cabin, when one arm make rotating clockwise, at same time, the other arm make anti clockwise rotating, thrill and exciting

  2. there are 16 seats, 24 seats, 32 seats kamikaze amusement park equipment, you can choose the suitable one for your area and market

  3. Lonton kamikaze ever exported to India, Iraq, Yemen etc. with COI certificate by BV, mature technology with high quality

  4. Lonton amusement park equipment manufacturer welcome your cooperation, so you would get quality rides with reasonable price.

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