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Free Fall Jumping Machine


Power: 110kw

Voltage: 380V/50Hz

Height: 8m

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  • 9508900000

Product Description

The free Fall Jumping Machine, also called Sky Drop Machine. It is a large-scale stimulation amusement machine that has emerged in recent years. The popularity index is bursting. The main body of the appearance is a tall cylinder with orbits around the cylinder to allow the cockpit to climb. The number of passengers in the cockpit varies depending on the design, with protection devices such as safety bars and seat belts. The entire system has sensors for detecting the climb and descent speeds of the cockpit to maintain the normal operation of the entire machine.

The ride platform of this amusement device can carry passengers to high altitude, and then fall vertically with almost vertical acceleration. Finally, the machine stops the platform before landing. This kind of amusement equipment that uses the free-fall phenomenon in physics is designed. It is also named after free fall. Playing jumpers will be more thrilling than a roller coaster. Therefore, people who are prepared to play jumpers need certain conditions in terms of their physical and psychological qualities. This ride is very popular to seen in large theme park or outdoor amusement parks. If you want to exchagne a new ride for your park, please don' t be hestitate to contact us!

Technical Parameters

Cover Area14*8m
Total Height26m/40m
Running Height18.9m
Power 110kw
LightLED lights more than 1000pcs
Packing plastic foam & wooden case packing
Sparepartsnecessary parts with delivery

Production Details

Free Fall Ride Details

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