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Experience the thrill of centrifugation - Flying Chair Amusement Ride

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The Flying chair is a set of amusement equipment that could rotates and lifts. It rotates continuously as the equipment rises. When the equipment rises to a certain height, the Roof rotates and tilts, the seat is inserted into the tilt of the roof. Sometimes rises and sometimes descends, like a swallow shuttles in the air. Passengers can experience the freedom of soaring in the air and the excitement of flying up and down when shaking their heads in the flying chair.


Flying Chair

The flying chair is mainly composed of the following three parts:

1. Infrastructure:

The main tower foundation and ground facilities constitute.

2. Main tower structure:

The tower body is welded by section steel to form a combined body standing on the ground, rotating, and the lifting components are the parts of the main tower.

3. Hanging chair:

There are 24 hanging chairs evenly distributed around the main tower, and the lifting and rotation are controlled by the rotating support and rising parts.


flying chair-de3

Its operation mainly depends on the rotating mechanism and the lifting mechanism:

1. Rotating mechanism:

The hanging chair is hung on the roof truss, and fixed on the upper slewing bearing support plate through connecting parts. They are connected with the oil cylinder to achieve the purpose of ascending.

The slewing ring can bear axial force, overturning force and large radial force. And matched with the output shaft gear on the reducer, the motor drives the reducer through the hydraulic coupling, so that the upper slewing ring rotates counterclockwise at a speed of 13 rpm, and the lower slewing ring rotates clockwise at a speed of 5 rpm The hour hand rotates.

2. Lifting mechanism:

The lifting mechanism of the equipment is in the form of hydraulic transmission. Gear pump match with an 11kw AC motor and a diameter 160mm single-acting piston, rises or falls at a speed of 3.4m/min. The hydraulic circuit is equipped with a reliable relief valve, which can stabilize the oil pressure and ensure the safe operation of the system.


flying chair-de2

The head-shaking flying chair displayed in front of tourists is a joyful atmosphere that integrates fun and enjoyment, allowing tourists to experience thrills and fun in movement and quiet. It is really a good choice for investment in amusement parks, parks, children's palaces and other places. 

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