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Capacity: 1/2/3

Power: 0.7kw/1.1kw/2.3kw

Voltage: AC220V

Game Videos: VR16+5D100

  • Lonton
  • 950890000

Product Description

9D VR game is a new type high technical video games. This model is made of egg shape, people sit in there with our special technical 

helmet and a hand bar, go into the movies himself like in the real word. It's a very interesting and exciting game no in market!

You can put them in shopping mall, indoor game center or even in zoo parks or others, its widely used and very popular.

Our Egg VR games features:

1. The 360° panoramic helmet brings a full immersive gaming experience, gently turning the head forwards and backwards, left and right, with sweeping views.

2.The dynamic special effects interactive cabin, the control of the interaction cabin is delicate, and every dive, sprint, jump, spin, and climb in the game is as if they are on the ground.

3. Multi-channel audio partitioning, partitioning the audio system into vertical and horizontal partitions, using discrete speakers to transfer music and sound effects to the space created by the film, and lifting "surround sound" to a whole new level.

4.With the intelligent operation handle, the experiencer can easily complete various human-computer interactions, character walking, and enemy battles, and can also easily rotate at any angle.

360° rotating platform, speed can be adjusted from 10mm/s to 167mm/s, 360° rotation

Technical Parameters

SpecificationEgg VR 1 SeatEgg VR 2 SeatsEgg VR 3 Seats
Packing Size1350*1100*2000mm1820*935*2080mm2250*2250*2150mm
Loading weight100kg200kg300kg
Game VideosVR16+5D100VR16+5D100VR16+5D100

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