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Buying tips for Carousel

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Carousel is a long-lasting amusement equipment, from its rise until now has been deeply loved by people.Children and tourists have always been fascinated by the carousel,so what do we need to pay attention to when we buy a turn horse?       


  1. Appearance is the first factor in attracting tourists.The carousel is not a thrill ride, it can attract people mainly rely on the beautiful appearance, colorful lights and beautiful music.So you need to pick the carousel that looks attractive enough.         

  2. Motor is the core of rotating equipment operation, if the motor is not up to standard, more tourists will not be able to drive the operation.If it's forced, it could burn out the motor.Tourists will feel unsafe and stop coming, and operators will have to spend a lot of money on repairs.          

  3. Regularly check the wear and tear of equipment fittings, carry out maintenance. If the damage is serious, must be replaced in time.

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