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9D Cinema

Capacity: 12

Power: 8kw

Voltage: 380V/50Hz

Height: 8m

  • Lonton
  • 9508900000

Product Description

The 12-seat 9DVR cinema is a newly type simulator cinema. It has a fast developed from 5D/7D cinema which popular in last few years. 

But now 9D VR is the most high technical skilled cinema. 

It not only solves the problem of 5D/7D cinema's dependence on traditional facades and fixed screens, but also overcomes the limitation of the number of 9D viewings, and the large traffic brings big profits!

Advantages of our  9D VR cinema:

1. Increased return on investment, 12-person experience, profit maximization!

2. Upgraded version of 5D/7D cinema, can be opened in a bright environment, the desire to enhance 100%!

3. The business site is not restricted, shopping malls, theme venues, large shopping malls, etc. can all operate!

4. Contemporary and Stylish, with taillights, spotlights, eye-catching index score!

5.Rich environmental effects, hair blowing, sweeping legs, hips, smoke readily available!

6.Monthly update of an exclusive 9D movie to ensure the continued profitability of franchisees!

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Technical Parameters

Cabins12 chairs
Front and Rear+-12°
Left and Right +-17°
The maximum flow210mm-230mm
The maximum load3000kg
The size of the room for 12 person12*4*3m

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